I like the feeling of a new, clean page of the new year globally; as well as the joy of celebrating it. I was born in May but I calculate my age with year calculation. I am getting one year older on January first even tough it is 5 months ahead J A new year means a new age, new plans, a new myself.

As the whole family we’ve initiated a new tradition in the last couple of years. We dedicate each year to a dream, to a change. It was 7-8 years ago when we started. After a busy year, we decided to prioritize our friends and name that year as “Year of Friendship”. We met hundreds of our friends, in a planned, on purpose manner where we had missed a lot.

One of the following years was the “Year of Production”. On that year I had written my book, started my academic studies in PhD Level and begun to tell my stories as a Professional Keynote Speaker. Another year was “Year of Dreams”. We followed all our postponed dreams. We traveled a lot, prioritized small happiness. 2017 was the year of motion and changed. We changed the country we live in. My job, lifestyle, residency, kids’ school has changed. And we tried to adopt.

Now we’re in the edge of 2018. I have been thinking about my upcoming biggest need for 2018 for a while. However, I couldn’t focus to that while managing the change, multitasking, Daily routines and adaptation; which were the priorities of 2017. During 2017, I have attended Meetings thousands of hours long, made keynote speech around 100 different stages. In average I wrote a new article per week, thousands of e-mails, numerous new projects. I was always in a rushing mode. While staying despereate in that situation, I found that the solution is already hidden inside the problem. THe secret is “Simplification!”

2018 will be the year of simplification for me. In all aspects. I will reduce the number of apps on my phone, clothes in my wardrobe. I will simplify my interest areas. Will try to avoid unnecessary Meetings, if not possible I will try to shorten. I will consume less and smarter. I will minimize to eat unhealthy snack, escape from chaos and noise in the life. I will check for technologic alternatives for business travels which is not mandatory. I’ll find ways to live social relations in a deeper and condensed way. I’ll put simplify social media usage and will focus to reading and writing instead.

Simplification doesn’t mean isolation and getting out of the life. Moreover, it is focusing deeper. A simple life, writing simple, thinking simple is the difficult thing. To get rid of chaos, complexity, traffic and to focus into the core. One of the most popular recent skills was multitasking. We all thought doing many things at the same time is an enhancement. Now, today the trend is just the opposite way, towards monotasking and mindfullness. Simplification is promising a deep and colorful ocean. I am excited to begin my simplification journey in 2018. I wish you a happy and hopeful new year.


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